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Source Code (Duncan Jones, 2011)


Here’s a film that depends on technology as a plot point. To find the culprit of a train bombing, Colter relives eight minutes of existence before the explosion. This is done through a real live computer simulation program whereby memories of the victims were collected, and from there they recreate an environment where everyone can interact. As to its feasibility in real world, I don’t know, however the film is quite intriguing and thrilling that you wouldn’t mind at all.

Basically, it’s a Groundhog Day (1993) covered in sci-fi scenario, and instead of 1 day, we only get 8 minutes. Eight minutes is a good number, it keeps the audience pulse in check and the film’s tension consistent. Unlike the Groundhog Day, who doesn’t have a serious stake at hand except an eternal boredom of reliving the same day, Colter has to do it as fast as he couldto prevent the bomber in detonating more bombs.

I have a word for the bomber. It’s slightly disappointing that he sets off a bomb as an alarm for plain narcissism, to give the impression that there is impending mayhem coming in. His motive is to recreate a new earth because the current one is already in ruins. His character as a villain somehow spoils the fresh premise of the story. Unless of course his persona is comparable is that of like a Joker in The Dark Knight then he can get away with that motive, but the thing is he isn’t.


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