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The Odd Life of Timothy Green (Peter Hedges, 2012)

imagesThings are rough to those who persist but don’t get any results. Perhaps, that’s why the wish of Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Jim (Joel Edgerton), a childless couple, come true in the guise of Timothy (CJ Adams). The only caveat is that he didn’t came from Cindy’s belly nor is he adopted. The couple finds him in one rainy night outside their house, and an odd thing about him is that he has leaves on his feet.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012) is a heart-warming tale of parenthood. As we later see, the film is not entirely about Timothy. In fact, to be strict, Timothy is just another plot point. Most of the film’s delight comes from the couple who is obviously overjoyed in this miracle. In their first meeting, they introduce themselves as plainly Cindy and Jim, however Timothy insists that he calls them Mom and Dad. Moments later, we find them squealing.

Given that Timothy has grown leaves, it’s imperative that he needs sun. He does it audaciously by racing arms and gladly receiving sunlight. I reckon it has something to do with photosynthesis. Timothy’s presence gives a check on the couple’s existence. We later learn that Cindy is insecure in her sister, who brags about her children, which later results in Cindy giving the false impression that Timothy is talented musician. Jim, on the other hand, has been under appreciated by his father, and so he wants to prove his worth. He makes sure that, despite being a lousy son, he can be a great dad, which results in Timothy joining a soccer team.

There are some rash solutions to the posed problems or curiosity along the way, such as the scene where the whole town learns of Timothy’s feature, and somehow they easily accept it, which is less plausible. It is quite obvious that Timothy’s persona is comparable to an angel. He is, in some way or another, teaching the couple parenthood. However, despite this worn out element, the film still gives an exuberant feeling.


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