Great Films Hunting

Will I find them or will I die trying?


Like all other blogs littered in the internet, this has low standards that paves way for grammatical errors, incoherent thoughts, unreliable claims, with no whatsoever care for facts, reputation and sanity. It’s full of egotistical attempt to understand cinema, as Woody Allen would have it, full of pretentious philosophical assertions, as Stanley Kubrick would have it, full of blood, gore and vulgar, as Takashi Mikee would have it, full of emotional dramatic intent, as Korean romance film would have it,and full of nonsense, but less the formulaic structure, as Filipino action flicks would have it. Okay, maybe not full nonsense, because for (1) I take cinema seriously and (2) I still take it seriously. Cinema is like a forest, and I’m pine tree.  Without it, where would I be?

To be upfront the blog contains spoilers, so read at your own risk – if ever you’d read them anyway. My mission statement is to write fearlessly about films, regarding its presentation and content, and provide entries that are lucid and provoking. The blog is set to be as informal as possible – like a friend, as personal as possible – like a journal, and as an intimate as possible – like a lover. I may be gibberish, and at times, annoying, but I do leave you with this: I am a fan cinema and I enjoy talking about it – endlessly.

If you’re like me, a cinephile, I couldn’t find a more apt statement than the Casablanca’s ending line: “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.


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